Founded: Thursday Februari 20th 1986.
Jac van Bussel, Guido Doesborg, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop & Jos Smolders.
Electronics and tape manipulations.





Kapotte Muziek was founded in 1984 by Frans de Waard and Christian Nijs. This collaboration lasted until 1987, when Christian left the project to become a guitar player in a rock band. After this Frans kept Kapotte Muziek going as a studio project and is doing so until this very day. In 1993 Peter Duimelinks joined forces with Frans for an extensive tour in the USA. In 1995 they asked Roel Meelkop to join Kapotte Muziek for live performances. Since then Kapotte Muziek exists on two levels: the studio project, run by Frans only, and the live project with the three aforementioned members. As a studio project, Kapotte Muziek is concerned with recycling used sound material into a new product. Most of us would now call this 'remixing'. A long list of releases can show for this. As a live project, Kapotte Muziek uses everyday sounds to make collages/soundscapes, with an emphasis on listening to sound itself, rather than to any preconcieved ideas. Prerecorded environmental sounds are mixed with sounds, generated by the live manipulation of found objects, mostly found in the vicinity of the location of the performance. Kapotte Muziek have toured exstensively in this formation. Since 1997 Kapotte Muziek have done several workshops, in which the participants are introduced to the musical methods of the Kapotte Musicians. Every workshop is concluded by a live performance of the participants.



Sato Endo / concept and direction
Kim Zieschang / décor and performance
Roel Meelkop / sound performance and composition
Gigi Suarez and Tawny Andersen / performance
Hiroaki Kanai / costume
Herman Venderickx / light

Premiered in May 2003 at Las Palmas, Rotterdam

Theater Lantaren/Venster and Kruizenga&Wannenmacher, Rotterdam

With support of Dans in Kortrijk, Belgium

Recorded on May 25th 2003 at Las Palmas, Rotterdam by Roel Meelkop